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Dice Shaming Is A Thing We Do Now

Dice Shaming Is A Thing We Do Now

First there was dog shaming. Then there was cat shaming. Now there’s a whole new brand of adorable internet shaming, and it involves your favorite dice-centric role-playing games. Did your dice put you in a tough spot? Get you all amped up to take out an enemy only to critically fail when you needed the perfect roll? Well my friend, dice shaming is for you. There are Tumblrs devoted to it. There are Imgurs galore. So grab some paper, a pen, and your favorite (hopefully not mutilated) disloyal dice. They should be shamed for all they’ve done to you!

Once you have shamed your own dice, check out the ones below and tell us your favorites in the comments.


  1. Colin says:

    This is offensive. Dice should be allowed to express themselves probabilistically without fear of bullying or abuse. #YesAllDice

  2. Jay says:

    why didn’t I think of this?

  3. Jonathan Flax says:

    Table Tops can get very serious it’s nice to see some humor.