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DESTINY Screens Showcase The Beauty Of The Moon And Mars

DESTINY Screens Showcase The Beauty Of The Moon And Mars

One thing you’re certain to be doing on Bungie’s upcoming massive online first person shooter, Destiny, is exploring the many planets and giant rocks of land around the galaxy. Today, the studio released magnificent screens showing off the landscape of Mars and the Moon. Check these out:

Destiny Mars

Welcome to Mars! Bungie confirms that Mars will send players on a journey to a city “lost to the red sands.” I can guarantee that it won’t be a peaceful journey either, so we might have to strap our helmets on extra tight to avoid ending up like this.

Destiny Moon

The Moon has been colonized by the filthy invaders known as the Hive. They lurk deep within the “Hellmouth,” which, judging by the name, doesn’t seem like the friendliest of places either to be just traipsing through.

It seems like gawking over every single Destiny detail is the only way to fill the void of the game being so far off from releasing. The game won’t be seeing store shelves until September 9th of this year, on the PS4, PS3, Xbox One, and 360. I know, it’s painful, but perhaps sitting back and drooling over more gorgeous screens that were recently released by Bungie will help ease that.

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