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Depressed About The World Cup? Play El Rey’s RED CARD RIOT!

Depressed About The World Cup? Play El Rey’s RED CARD RIOT!

Soccer swept the States over the last few weeks and even though Team USA put up a good fight, they were eventually eliminated from the competition. But just because we’re no longer in the World Cup doesn’t mean that futbol fever has to come to an end!

El Rey network is giving fans and non-fans alike a chance to issue their own custom “Red Cards” on behalf of the LA Riot. Haven’t heard of them? They’re known as ‘the most red-carded team in the league,’ not just anyone can play with the LA Riot. They’re meaner. They’re prettier. They’ve got thicker skin and sharper cleats. And they play soccer the way it was meant to be played — balls out.

You can’t play on their field but you can still join the Red Card Riot mayhem. So what are you waiting for? Issue your Red Card now!

Red Card main

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: See someone who deserves a serious penalty? Give them a Red Card!

Step 2: Keep them honest, spread the word — call them out on Twitter or Facebook to expose their behavior.

Step 3: Keep your eyes out for more dumb-assery from your friends, your family, your favorite celebs, your elected officials, some guy in Croatia, and when you see it? Penalize them!

Once you’ve laid the digital smack-down, don’t forget Matador, starring Gabriel Luna, Alfred Molina, Nicky Whelan and Neil Hopkins, premieres on the El Rey Network on July 15 with the first episode being directed by El Rey founder Robert Rodriguez.