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De-Stress with Diamond Dallas Page

Life in this modern age can be so hectic. Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. And then you’re supposed to work, too? Who could keep up?

If only there were some kind of valiant hero able to swoop in and put self-doubt in a chokehold. If only some brave soul could beat the immediate demands of the internet age into submission. If ONLY there was someone, anyone, ready to break the chains of fear that bind us to a never-ending carousel of stress.

Oh, but there is my friends. And his name is Diamond. Diamond Dallas Page, to be precise. Or as you may have known him during his time with the WWE, DDP.

And just how is this former professional wrestler and current DDP Yoga guru going to help us conquer adversity? Well, I’ll let him explain it.

Enjoy InnerDDPeace, be sure to check out DDP Yoga, which is 100% real, and whatever you do, DO NOT forget to watch today’s episode of Nerdist News! DDP is the guest, and I don’t wanna spoil anything, but I’ll tell you this much: very funny, it is. Surprises, there are. Love it, you will.