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Even though both the Adventures of Superman and the Legends of the Dark Knight digital anthology comics from DC are coming to an end soon, the publisher hasn’t forgotten the third member of their Holy Trinity; coming this August, DC will launch Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman, an all-new anthology series based on the Amazon princess. Just as with the Batman and Superman anthologies, Sensation Comics, which is named for the original forties series which was Wonder Woman’s showcase title, will feature stories set in a variety of eras from the Wonder Woman comics, and won’t be tied into DC’s whole New 52 incarnation.

Even though the New 52 version of Diana from Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang has received widespread acclaim, for many longtime Wonder Woman fans, the newest version of the Amazon princess feels very far removed from the emissary of peace created by psychologist William Marston back in 1941. Sensation Comics will give old and cranky devoted and loyal fans like a us a version of the Wonder Woman character we have been missing. Digital chapters of the series will come out once a week, with every three chapters being collected into single print issues.

In a press release from DC Comics, senior VP of Vertigo and Integrated Publishing Hank Kanalz said, “With the success of Legends of the Dark Knight and Adventures of Superman, giving Wonder Woman her own digital anthology series makes perfect sense. With this series creators can dream up unique takes on the Amazon Princess to give fans a new adventure every week. We’re very excited about the line-up, and readers won’t want to miss the sensational action-packed Wonder Woman stories we have planned for the coming weeks and beyond.”


So just who are some of the names working on this book? How about former Wonder Woman writer Gail Simone, along with artist Ethan Van Sciver for the first issue? According to the solicitation for issue #1, “Oracle calls for help after the entire Bat-Family gets sidelined. But when Wonder Woman steps into the breach, Gotham City’s criminals get the surprise of their lives!” Gail Simone writing Wonder Woman AND Barbara Gordon as Oracle again? That should be enough reason to buy this puppy. Future contributors to the book (according to IGN) include Lauren Beukes, Cecil Castellucci, Amanda Deibert, Caitlin Kittredge, James Tynion IV, Georges Jeanty, Chris Sprouse, and Cat Staggs. I must say, it’s nice to see so many women included in the creative line-up.

Sensation Comics featuring Wonder Woman hits digital first on August 20th, and will feature a cover from Ethan Van Sciver, and a variant cover from former Wonder Woman writer/artist and superfan Phil Jimenez, which illustrates the complete history of the character in one jaw-droppingly beautiful image, that if DC were smart, they would release as a poster. Just sayin’. Now if we can just get George Perez to somehow contribute to this book, all will be right with the world…