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DC Announces an Ongoing LOBO Series for October

DC Announces an Ongoing LOBO Series for October

DC Comics is giving Lobo is own ongoing series in October from writer Cullen Bunn and artist Reilly Brown. This would mark the first time since the conclusion of his mid-90s series that the cigar-chomping, mass murdering bounty hunter had an ongoing series at the publisher.

The version coming to October’s Lobo #1 will be the leaner iteration revealed during the publisher’s Villains Month event. Oh, and the “imposter” – the musclebound nut we’re all familiar with – will be featured in the book as well.

Speaking with Comic Book Resources, Bunn said that readers should expect more than the usual ultraviolence when it comes to his Lobo:

“Violence is just one aspect of the character. It’s there, and it’s something we are going to embrace in this series, but we’ll also be exploring facets of Lobo that haven’t really been brought into the spotlight. He had a life, a job, a family, a lover long before he became the cruel, devious man-hunter we’ll see in this series. We’re going to look at what shaped him into the coldblooded killer he is today.”

According to the interview, Lobo will be hunting the “Faux-bo” through the series, with the latter playing a role that’s “a little surprising to readers.”

The new Lobo series joins DC’s Trinity of Sin announcement with writer J.M. DeMatteis with art by Yvel Guichet. The new series would see immortal characters The Phantom Stranger, Pandora, and the Question teaming up (even though they all apparently hate one another). Trinity of Sin will launch on October 15. Lobo #1 is coming on October 1.

Comic Book Resources ran the exclusive promo image for the first issue of Lobo below:


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  1. this is an embarrassment to the Lobo legacy. pick up the original one kids and find out how lame this knew version is 

  2. The DC’s answer to Wolverine. When’s the movie coming out?