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David Wain Confirms WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER Prequel

David Wain Confirms WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER Prequel

In the month since Netflix hinted that they might be interested in resurrecting Wet Hot American Summer as a miniseries, we’ve been waiting for more details about the absurd summer camp comedy.

While on Late Night with Seth Meyers discussing his latest project, They Came Together, director and The State alum David Wain laid out some of the details for the comedy prequel:

“It’s one of those crazy things where the movie didn’t do well when it came out,” Wain told Meyers. “Now we’re going to do a prequel where it was the same actors who were 30 playing 16-year-olds then, now they’re going to be in their mid-40s, also still playing 16.”

The series would take place two months before the events of the 2001 film, which served as a kind of de facto reunion for members of the comedy troupe The State. Fellow members Michael Showalter (who wrote the script) joined Wain, Ken Marino, Michael Ian Black, and Joe Lo Truglio in the comedy which took place over the span of one day at a summer camp in the 1980s.

At this point, no one has confirmed the format of Netflix production, although it’s been indicated that it would be a series. That’s an interesting choice for this particular project, plus if the entire cast is returning, it would require wrangling the very busy schedules of actors who’ve gotten pretty famous in the last decade and change (an issue which affected the production of the fourth Arrested Development season).

If Netflix is going to throw money at beloved early ’00s cult comedies, here’s hoping someone there is really fond of Super Troopers because I think I could love me some Super Troopers as a miniseries.

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