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David Tennant and Billie Piper Return for “Doctor Who” 50th Anniversary

Well, here is the most foregone of forgone conclusions: it’s just been announced by the BBC that David Tennant (you know, the Tenth Doctor) will return to Doctor Who for the 50th Anniversary special, which begins filming this week to air in November. Everyone was being incredibly hush-hush about who would be rejoining the show for its golden anniversary for months, but speculation always was that if anyone were to return for what would likely be a multi-Doctor adventure, Tennant would surely be there in a heart(s)beat.

That’s not the only bit of casting news, either. Billie Piper will also be returning as Rose Tyler, the first companion of the new series. Where in the Tenth Doctor and Rose’s timeline their portion will take place is anyone’s guess, but I’m hoping writer Steven Moffat is smart enough (he is) to explain it and have it make sense. As much as I like the 20th Anniversary special “The Five Doctors,” they really played fast and loose with the various Doctors’ experiences. And a final bit of casting, someone who has never been in Doctor Who: the great John Hurt will also be joining, presumably to play the character who gives the Doctor his sonic screwdriver just before having an alien burst out of his chest.

This, I’m sure, was just the first of what will be many guest casting announcements that we’ll get in the coming weeks. If the BBC does anything well, it’s parse out information very slowly. For more on the Anniversary, which is written by Moffat and directed by Nick Hurran, check out BBC’s official Doctor Who blog.