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David Spade Benefits Flood Victims Tonight in LA!

Come out tonight to one of two killer shows at the Hollywood Improv at 8 & 10p. All proceeds go to Nashville flood victims.

If you can’t make the show but would still like to donate, please go to



  • thanks guys! i didnt know you guys on the west coast even knew about the flood. I forgot you were from here, chris. we nashvillians sure appreciate it.

  • This is fantastic. Nashville holds a place near and dear to my heart…I may be going back to help with the recovery efforts.

    Thanks for using your funny to relieve the serious.

  • Thanx David..this is seemed to me nobody outside of the local region even knew of this disaster,as there seemed to be virtually no national news coverage of this horrible event.this is really as horrific as hurricane katrina,but nashvillians and this great city are rebounding at a terrific rate w/out the looting and crime sprees that follow so many devestations.i want to thank you david,and all Americans that have stepped up to help this great city.Music City will be better than ever!!

  • Kudos to you and all the comedians who were a part of this event. I hope all went well and that you raised lots of money for the folks in Nashville. I will check out the donation page and give what I can. Sorry I couldn’t be there, but 1. I live in Michigan 2. My band played a gig Saturday night. :) Anyway, please do update us on this, Chris.