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David Slade, Eddie Izzard Reunite For Live-Action POWERS

David Slade, Eddie Izzard Reunite For Live-Action POWERS

It looks like Eddie Izzard is headed to prison again for director David Slade. The actor and comedian has joined the cast of the PlayStation Network series Powers where he will play an incarcerated bad guy – after one and a half seasons of playing another incarcerated bad guy entirely for Hannibal director Slade. Izzard’s just one of three new additions to the cast including Noah Taylor and Olesya Rulin.

Deadline reports that Izzard has been cast as Wolfe, one of the big bads (forgive the pun) of the Brian Michael Bendis-written comic series. Once the mentor to Powers protagonist Christian Walker, Wolfe is a supervillain locked up in the high-security prison, the Shaft, where his high-level superpowers are kept in check through a series of cruel surgical procedures over two decades.

This role comes on the heels of Izzard’s performance as imprisoned mass murder Dr. Abel Gideon in NBC’s Hannibal, where he got to assay the Anthony Hopkins thing of being the imprisoned bad guy who knows things. Izzard proved he could bring oily menace to a role from a 9X9 cell, so the part of Wolfe seems like a good fit for the actor.


The series also grabbed another interesting actor for its rogue’s gallery with Noah Taylor, who you might have seen most recently in Game of Thrones and Edge of Tomorrow. He’s pretty good as the cold-blooded heavy, and it looks like he’ll be doing more of the same here, playing Johnny Royalle, a teleporter and criminal mastermind who operates out of the Here and Gone club. According to the synopsis, he might be part of some far-reaching conspiracy at the heart of the series.


The final addition the the cast is the youngest: High School Musical and Greek actress Olesya Rulin will play Calista, a would-be Power.

Powers was co-created by writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Michael Avon Oeming. The series will make its debut on the PlayStation Network this winter.

[Source: Deadline]


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