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David Goyer To Write Remake of FANTASTIC VOYAGE For James Cameron

David Goyer To Write Remake of FANTASTIC VOYAGE For James Cameron

James Cameron’s remake of Fantastic Voyage is picking up steam again; it’s just added David S. Goyer as screenwriter, according to a story in The Hollywood Reporter. The original Fantastic Voyage came out in 1966, and was about a team of four scientists who find the ability to shrink to microscopic size and enter the body of another scientist inside a miniature submarine in order to save his life.

While the special effects are pretty cheesetastic by modern standards, they were state-of-the-art in 1966 (in fact, they were kinda dated by the time Kubrick’s 2001 came out two years later.) A modern interpretation of this could be a trippy 3D blockbuster today, if done correctly. Cameron has been spearheading a remake for this movie for several years now, and the last we had heard on any movement for this project was back in 2011. Although Cameron is producing the movie, the plan is to have someone else direct it, as he’ll be too busy in Avatar-land for the next several years.

David S. Goyer of course, is the screenwriter of the Blade trilogy (and director of the third in that series), the Christopher Nolan Dark Knight trilogy, Man of Steel, and the upcoming Batman Vs. Superman. The assumption was the he would also be writing the upcoming Justice League movie, but his work on Fantastic Voyage might interfere with that. The hope is that Goyer’s involvement will help to kick-start what Twentieth Century Fox hopes to be a big tentpole movie, and, of course, possible franchise. I only have two hopes for this movie: one, that at some point inside the mini-submarine someone plays the Coolio song while they’re traveling through an artery or something, and two, this movie is successful enough that Disneyland decides to a modern version of their classic ride Adventure Thru Inner Space, which opened a year after Fantastic Voyage and was somewhat inspired by it. That’s not too much to ask, is it?



  1. Oh great. First the guy who made Superman kill and called She Hulk a porn star is going to ruin one of my favorite movies. Well, I still have the blu ray… and my memories of the original film release.

  2. KentGeek says:

    Disney could bring back Body Wars! No changes necessary at all.