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David Brent’s Music Career Will Get the Mockumentary Movie It So Deserves

David Brent’s Music Career Will Get the Mockumentary Movie It So Deserves

Oh well now, this is good, isn’t it? Yes, I’d call this very, very good indeed: it appears that David Brent (also known as comedian Ricky Gervais for all you nitpickers out there) has not been sated by his life following the end of the British/original iteration of The Office. Oh no, no, you see: the consummate performer knows he was made for more. For bigger, better greatness. Which is why he went out on a self-financed tour and why said tour is getting a “documentary” of its very own.

A collaboration with BBC Films on the project, the documentary is set to enter production next year, Life on the Road will follow Brent as he launches and endeavors upon a self-financed tour to share his myriad musical gifts with the world, a full fifteen years after the BBC2 mockumentary series that gave him his first taste of fame ended.

Of course the biggest question on everyone’s mind is ‘what in the world has David Brent been up to in the years since?’ And, well, BBC Films answered as much in a press release sent out on Tuesday. “He’s a sales rep now, selling cleaning products up and down the country, but has never really give up on his dream of being a rock star.”

In Brent’s mind, Life on the Road is a flattering, big-budget rock documentary rather than the Where Are They Now?-styled production that it actually is. So, you know, be prepared for that comedic gold. Oh, and probably more than a few performances of “Free Love Freeway.”

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