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Dave Chappelle Says He Never Quit CHAPPELLE’S SHOW

Dave Chappelle Says He Never Quit CHAPPELLE’S SHOW

Outside of a few comedy documentaries that aired on TV and Inside The Actor’s Studio, it’s been years since comedian Dave Chappelle has made an appearance on television. Last night, Dave broke that streak of sorts and went on The Late Show with David Letterman. Sure, Chappelle has granted a few radio shows an interview here and there and he even co-headlined Funny or Die’s Oddball festival tour last year, but he has been rarely seen on the small screen since he left for South Africa all those years ago.

Having a big return to Radio City Music Hall coming up, a very dapper Chappelle sat down and chatted with Letterman to promote the week of shows and to set the record straight as to what exactly happened with Chappelle’s Show… sort of.

For those not familiar (or if you just need a quick refresher), Chappelle’s Show was one of Comedy Central top rated programs when it was on the air 2003-04. After two seasons, it was so amazingly popular that one could describe its popularity now as “viral”. Comedy Central had reportedly offered Chappelle  several millions of dollars for the third season, which he agreed to. They headed into production, then, before the season premiere and seemingly out of nowhere, Dave pulled a “no call no show” and laid low in South Africa for two weeks later explaining that the pressure of the show’s success was getting to him. There was talk of somehow salvaging the third season of Chappelle’s Show and bringing Dave back, but Comedy Central and Dave didn’t come to a mutual agreement. The “Lost Episodes” eventually made it to air without Chappelle hosting, but nothing more came after that.

All these years later, Dave tells Letterman, “Technically, I never quit,” and shed a little light as to the complexity surrounding his exit from the show. Chappelle even comments that he ponders on how things might have been different and how he possibly could have been happier if he stayed.

Where do you think Dave Chappelle will go from here? Those performances coming up at Radio City Music Hall could go swimmingly and the sky, yet again, could be the limit for Dave. Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Has-been. (plural has-beens) 1.(pejorative) A person, especially one formerly popular or influential, who continues in their field after their popularity or effectiveness has peaked and is now in decline. This is the most accurate description of who we endured last night at the 11/1/2014 10 pm show at the Pageant in St. Louis, MO. When Dave came on stage it was impossible not to notice how obviously drunk beyond reason he was and he even admitted out loud in a humiliating matter of fact tone with no regard for the audience how completely drunk he was. As he drunkenly stumbled and mumbled his way through half his 10 pm set he often stopped to sit on the front steps of the stage as well as lay down against the speakers delivering his unfunny idiotic banter. My favorite moment was the end of the show. I had been a fan of his for years and was extremely disappointed and outragged that I wasted my hard earned money to support this selfish sloppy sad washed up has-been drunk previously funny comedian. Dave lost a fan last night and all my respect. Dave is not funny at all and needs to stop ripping off his loyal fans. It was sad to see him this way. This is one show that does not need to go on, it was/is a tragically pathetic showcase of a once funny drunk disaster of a man. Chappelle it’s over! You are embarrassing yourself, your family, and your poor dog baba. You should have stayed on hiatus indefinitely…it is not too late to stop…please do us all a favor and let us remember you for the man you were, not the mess you are.

  2. My God Dave Chappelle got old.