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Darth Vader is Getting His Own Hot Wheels Car

Darth Vader is Getting His Own Hot Wheels Car

For the first time ever, the Star Wars universe is joining the, uh, car wars as Mattel unveils its first toy based on the film series.

Darth Vader is getting his own themed ride, which is making its debut during Comic-Con this week, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The black sports car (naturally) comes in the matte and gray case pictured above, encased in a Sith-appropriate red lightsaber. The lightsaber – a replica of Vader’s own well-known tool of Jedi-killin’ – also lights up and makes sounds.

The whole thing will cost somewhere around $40 and this being Comic-Con, you can expect the supplies to be limited-ish.

This is it, people – we’re in the big push now. Episode VII is still a ways off, but Disney is starting to swing its weight around in interesting ways with the Star Wars merchandise. In addition to the Hot Wheels announcement, music equipment maker Peavey announced a partnership to create Star Wars-themed gear, leading with – you guessed it – a Darth Vader guitar.

Plus, Disney and Marvel recently announced that they would be re-releasing the classic Star Wars comics that the publisher released during the 70s and 80s in a great, big omnibus edition, and we should hopefully be hearing something soon about the pair of games under development including Battlefront 3 and the still unnamed project coming out of Dead Space developer Visceral.

Seriously, doesn’t anyone out there care at all about poor Watto?

We’ll be at Comic-Con for the rest of the week keeping an eye out for any other interesting and new swag from the ever-growing line of things with Star Wars plastered on the side, so make sure you follow @NerdistDotCom on Twitter and Instagram for more up-to-the-minute coverage from SDCC 2014! Join the conversation using the hashtag #NerdistSDCC.

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