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DARK TROOPERS Short Shows Off the Sexy Side of Lightsabers

DARK TROOPERS Short Shows Off the Sexy Side of Lightsabers

Besides being one of the coolest weapons in any galaxy, the lightsaber is beautiful. The part where it’s dangerous and used to cut off arms and limbs on every planet from here to Hoth isn’t as attractive, but fortunately, Nerdist Alliance partner Corey Vidal, a/k/a ApprenticeA, doesn’t focus on those aspects in his new short. Dark Troopers is a brief Star Wars action film with visual effects that might leave you drooling.

You can’t glimpse much in the dark video except the glow of lightsabers and laser blasts. A Jedi stands his ground against multiple stormtroopers and what appear to be shadow troopers. Apparently, the entire video was shot in pitch black and only lit with the ambient light from the lightsaber and flashes of red light for the blasters. Most impressive.

Now I just want to go watch all the epic fights in the Star Wars saga. Let us know your thoughts about Dark Troopers in the comments.


  1. Michael Mornard says:

    (AWESOME video, though.)

  2. Michael Mornard says:

    “Sexy”? Seriously?

    You keep using that word.
    I do not think it means what you think it means.