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Dark Horse Comics to Debut Some Major GAME OF THRONES Goodies for SDCC

Dark Horse Comics to Debut Some Major GAME OF THRONES Goodies for SDCC

Valar Toyghulis — all men must have toys. Luckily, Dark Horse Comics has got you covered. As Comic-Con International‘s SoCal appearance moves ever-closer, all of your favorite makers of geekery are getting in the limited edition/exclusive content spirit, but none, perhaps, so fruitful as our friends at Dark Horse. The company’s releasing heaps of exclusive SDCC schtuff, but today’s bunch is comin’ at you straight outta Westeros: it’s Game of Thrones goodies time!

Following up on Dan Casey’s exclusive chat about Hellboy, today the Dark Horse team have created all three of Daenerys Targaryen’s dragons, an exclusive new map marker, aaaaaaaand a new shield wall plaque! These items will make their debut at Comic-Con International, when doors open to the public on July 23rd. And we’ve got your first look at ’em below.

First up? The 4″ tall hand-painted polyresin Bolton Map Marker. You know how, in Game of Thrones, how Robb Stark plotted out every opposing army on his Westerosi map with a set of wee markers crafted to represent the houses involved? Yeah, this is one of those! The company has “reproduced these items in their true size, using the actual props as reference” and it will only available at San Diego Comic-Con International.
(Price: $25.00 | Production Run: 1,200 | Limit: Two per person)

For all you lions of Lannister out there, there’s this l,imited-edition 8″ x 5″ polyresin replica of their mighty shield, perfect for mounting above the throne of any Hand to the King you know and love.
(Price: $30.00 | Production Run: 2,300 | Limit: Two per person)

And last — but certainly far from least — are those wee Khaleesi bairns, the dragons, in replica form.

Measuring in at a far-more-managable 3″ tall with a 6″ wingspan, these limited-edition pewter replicas of Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion are sure to bring joy to any and every Targaryen you know.
(Price: $35.00 each / $90.00 for all 3 | Production Run: 1,250 | Limit: Five per person)

So — who’s picking up what? Let us hear it in the comments.