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Math Bites

Danica McKellar Goes Mental on a New MATH BITES

Last week, we helped you get over your irrational fear of irrational numbers with the premiere of Danica McKellar’s new Nerdist Channel series Math Bites by sinking our collective teeth into the delicious, never-ending numeric delights of pi. Say you find yourself at a grocery store and you’re trying to buy some pineapples — seems simple enough, right? But what do you do when there’s no calculator around? Nary a pencil nor a piece of college-ruled paper in sight — what do you do? Mental math, of course! Now, for the show’s thrilling second episode, we’re demystifying the ancient art of mental math for you by breaking it down into bite-size steps and giving you plenty of lifehacks to make it through the grocery checkout line with your dignity intact. You’ll never overpay for tropical fruit again. You can thank us later, but we’d prefer if you just thanked us now by tuning in to a brand new episode of Math Bites, featuring special guests like The Human Calculator (who totally isn’t a Tick villain). Go ahead — eat your heart out, Six Million Dollar Man.

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Also, be sure to check out episode one and the standalone version of the Dance of the Sugar Pi Fairy!