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Danger Zone: Functional LEGO Guns!

Hey kids, looking for something to do that’s slightly more dangerous than a Nerf war, but still just this side of running with scissors?  Why not build your own brick-firing LEGO gun!

Yes, I know how to build this, and no, I’m not telling.

via Nowhere Else


  1. Danny says:

    Where can I buy or have one made for sale. The ak47

  2. anthony says:

    the best part of this video was when it became a first person shooter. it was really important for me as a viewer to become visually engaged and informed of what murdering little lego bunkers would look like, had i myself built an lego firing ak-47, made out of legos itself.

  3. Will Thompson says:

    Say hello to my little child’s play toy friend!

  4. Ladieman2117 says:

    is this the call of duty black ops………

    %$&@ing Yaaaaaaaaaaa

  5. Nerd Herders says:

    Oh cool a Lego A-team now I know what the convicted crime they got
    accused of they must had build a Lego city them selfs


  6. Laurie Scott says:

    I would totally play Lego: Call of Duty, BostonDan. Wouldn’t you?

  7. Patti says:

    That was pretty sweet!

  8. BostonDan says:

    So now, instead of Lego Batman or Lego Indiana Jones, we’re gonna get Lego: Call of Duty?

  9. Parker says:

    Tell me… or face the wrath of my bacon