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Dan Abnett Talks INFINITE CRISIS and an Exclusive Preview

Dan Abnett Talks INFINITE CRISIS and an Exclusive Preview

The DC Universe is no stranger to having the very fabric of its reality rent asunder and its myriad worlds collapsing in on one another to spectacular effect. In 1985, we had the now-classic Crisis on Infinite Earths which saw the Multiverse torn apart and scattered to the winds. In 2005, we had Infinite Crisis, which saw Alexander Luthor from Earth-3 using the Anti-Monitor’s remains to bring multiple earths back into existence. Then, in 2006, 52 took us on a Booster Gold-filled journey through the lost year post-Infinite Crisis and laid the groundwork for the today’s New 52 continuity, a sprawling Multiverse with 52 distinct worlds. And, now, DC Comics is getting ready for some trans-dimensional donnybrooks with the new free-to-play MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) game Infinite Crisis, which finds our favorite heroes locked in an eternal slugfest in a universe-blending mosh pit of mayhem and madness.

Like any DC Comics-inspired game worth its salt, Infinite Crisis is getting a tie-in comic in the form of a brand new digital-first series Infinite Crisis: Fight for the Multiverse by writer Dan Abnett. Boasting a rotating team of artists, the comic takes a bit of an Elseworlds approach towards the DC Universe, offering up unique takes on some of our favorite characters and introducing us to some characters and multiverses that aren’t yet playable in the game. The series kicks off with a bang as we follow Earth-Prime Batman on an investigation that leads him to a door to the multiverse itself. What lies beyond? Why Infinite Crisis raging in full swing, of course!

According to Abnett, the comic has “an initial run that comes out in weekly digital installments, and then [we’ll] collect them in print editions.” If all goes well, Abnett has a fairly long storyline planned, a “contained storyline that will run for over 20 issues; very, very strong,” which makes sense given the breadth and scope of what you can accomplish with 52 universes at your fingertips. “It’s big, it’s gonzo, it’s got wonderful takes, different takes on versions of heroes,” says Abnett. “But it’s also really interesting for the characters’ dynamics, because you’ve got characters dealing with other versions of themselves, and other versions of people that they know very well, and their expectations quite often are completely confounded.”

Now, the biggest question for some readers is “Do you need to play Infinite Crisis to understand and appreciate the comic?” Abnett says no: “One of the things that we wanted to make sure was that the comic delivered what the people who play the game expected. So if you’re a player of the game, the comic is a great adjunct to that. But also, if you didn’t play the game, it would still be a damn fine comic. It explains everything perfectly well – you don’t need to know anything outside of it, because it explains everything. That is the balance we tried to strike.” A delicate balance, I would imagine, but one which Abnett is confident he can find.

The first issue of Infinite Crisis: Fight for the Multiverse is available now wherever digital comics are sold, but we’ve also got a treat for you in the form of an exclusive sneak peek of issue #2:

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  1. Vandalist says:

    Since the game’s storyline consists of “Two teams fighting in a MOBA arena”, there’s no reason you can’t read the comics without playing the game, because there’s no real plotline in the game. Just continuous fighting.