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Damn Fine Portraits of TWIN PEAKS Characters

Damn Fine Portraits of TWIN PEAKS Characters

One of the many reasons I’m intrigued by Twin Peaks is because it’s a two-sided world. The small logging town in the Pacific Northwest seems cozy and idyllic, but underneath the pristine evergreen trees and endearing diner, there’s a huge pile of bizarre. The weird is revealed in the personalities of all the characters and in their actions and dreams. No one is exactly who they appear to be, and artist Paul Willoughby manages to capture that in his series of Twin Peaks portrait postcards.

Willoughby created the art for a Twin Peaks 20th Anniversary Art Exhibition that was shown at the Menier Gallery in London a couple of years ago. He drew detailed portraits of all your favorites: Audrey, Jocelyn, Laura, Agent Cooper (it feels weird to only call him Dale), Lucy, Shelly, Donna, and Gordon. The art appears to be done only in pen, and all the pieces are haunting and beautiful. Looking at them makes you think of scenes from the series.

The portraits are fantastic, but the coolest part of the art is that it was drawn on the back of postcards from the Pacific Northwest region. Most of the postcards are blank, but in a few cases Willoughby drew over a handwritten note. I think his work is much more interesting than the ol’ “wish you were here.” Willoughby chose postcards for a reason; he said, “My postcard drawings explore a common thread between time, environment, character and ephemera.”

I enjoy Willoughby’s art immensely, but I’d be creeped out if I received anything like this in the mail.

HT: ComicsAlliance