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Daisy Costume Comes to Wii U BAYONETTA

Daisy Costume Comes to Wii U BAYONETTA

We already knew that Bayonetta would be getting some Nintendo-licensed threads in the Wii U exclusive Bayonetta 2, but thanks to one E3 reporter, we also know about one more costume that Nintendo has yet to reveal: the Daisy outfit, which will join Link, Princess Peach, and Samus in the game’s current lineup of Nintendo-themed costumes.

While they don’t appear to offer any modifications to the gameplay (though it would be cool if she had a beam canon), they do show off Nintendo’s faith in the Bayonetta franchise with their unusual willingness to use their first-party assets in a cross-company collaboration. In recent years, the company has been notoriously cautious with how they licensed out their characters.

In a crazy turn of events, this year sees Daisy’s costume making it into an M-rated game, and the publisher teaming up with Tecmo Koei for the Dynasty Warriors-like Hyrule Warriors featuring characters from across The Legend of Zelda franchise.

Developer Platinum Games discussed the new costumes in a recent blog post:

“One of the things that made the original Bayonetta so fun was the ability to choose from a ton of costumes—queen, schoolgirl, you name it—and this time, there’ll be even more. These new costumes are inspired by classic Nintendo heroes and heroines, all carefully checked by the game’s original director, Hideki Kamiya. Let’s just say Kamiya was very particular about how each costume should look before passing approval.

Of course, these costumes are more than just a fun change in appearance. We’ve prepared special abilities to go with each one!”

Nintendo is publishing Bayonetta 2 in October alongside the series’ first installment, the SEGA-published Bayonetta.

[Source: NomComms via GoNintendo]


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