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Creme Egg Torture

This is just too appropriate for right now: Scientists putting Cadbury Creme Eggs in vacuum conditions and potassium chlorate and liquid nitrogen to see what happens. Foam! Flames! Shattered Easter candy goodness! Einstein hair! You can’t beat it. Although you CAN hit it with a mallet:

Those University of Nottingham folks are serious about their silliness.

HT: The Atlantic


  1. jimiyo says:

    CRAZY. Asian chic with British accent!

  2. Nicole says:

    Poor Neil. Always cleaning up everyone else’s fun. The hair was spectacular, but I admit I was a little disappointed that the hair was on a person, and not an egg as the result of some cool experiment. Scientists – they’re just like us – they like to burn, freeze and smash the shit out of things for fun too.

  3. mattmagic says:

    A school friend’s mum worked at the local Cadbury factory making eggs for the French market, 5p Creme eggs made Easters at secondary school a rather delicious experience…. I don’t think I’ve had one since I left school, though.

  4. Think of all the peeps that will never be born due to the heartless destruction in the name of science… or is it chocolate bunnies that hatch from creme eggs? I am not quite clear on the life cycles of confectionery fertility symbols.

    On another note, that hair was absolutely spectacular.

  5. smartbunny says: