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Cowa-busters: IDW Announces a GHOSTBUSTERS/NINJA TURTLES Crossover

Cowa-busters: IDW Announces a GHOSTBUSTERS/NINJA TURTLES Crossover

Time to start planning your crossover cosplay: this October, IDW is releasing the first issue of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/Ghostbusters.

According to the press release from the publisher, the four-issue miniseries will take the Turtles from their own New York into an alternate version with a major ghost problem. It’s here that they meet the Ghostbusters and the octet deals with the mysterious, ghostly thing that the Turtles accidentally dragged with them from their dimension.

It’s a cute, if odd concept – you don’t really think of ninjas and martial arts when you think of the Ghostbusters and likewise, it’s hard to imagine how the Ninja Turtles would go up against a bunch of colorful ghosts. That’s something I’m sure the miniseries’ co-writers, Tom Waltz and Erik Burnham, have figured out at this point. The duo have plenty of experience with both franchises: Waltz serves as Burnham’s editor on the Ghostbusters ongoing, and Burnham is also responsible for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Secret History of The Foot Clan.

IDW sees it as a combined anniversary celebration for both – the Ninja Turtles comic and the first Ghostbusters film were released in 1984. Although from the art used in the first cover below, it seems like the book is taking more inspiration from the cartoons that each spawned, than the slightly more mature source material.

Alright, I’m ready for the crossover, except for one thing – does IDW think that Winston is the boring Ghostbuster? I mean, on the cover, each Ninja Turtle gets paired with the Ghostbuster whose personality they most share – and poor Winston gets Leonardo? No one wants Leonardo!



  1. erikburnham says:

    We sorted out a way to get martial arts action and supernatural weirdness in here, enough for everyone! Can’t wait to share!

  2. ” I mean, on the cover, each Ninja Turtle gets paired with the Ghostbuster whose personality they most share…”

    I see what you mean about Donatello and Egon, but if this were the pattern across the board, I’d think that Mikey and Venkman would have been paired.

    Also, on that theme, would you match April O’Neill with Dana or Janine? I guess if you’re right about the animated series connection, it would be Janine, but April seems more similar to Dana to me.

  3. Keone Young says:

    Awwww Leo is my favorite lol

  4. I absolutely cannot wait for this to come out. My childhood just had a orgasm of biblical proportions. Before you think of the ramifications of that statement, know that I am not a doctor but I play one on TV. 

  5. gridsleep says:

    Actually Winston IS the boring Ghostbuster. He’s the Zeppo.

  6. ZuviosGemini says:

    No one wants Leonardo, HOW DARE YOU. Haha, looking forward to this, even if I’m mainly bigger turtles fan and have only seen Ghostbusters twice.