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Course of the Force Gets Angry (Birds)

Course_of_the_Force_Shot (1)[1]

Everyone’s favorite intergalactic lightsaber relay race, Course of the Force, is back and this time it’s brought friends… feathery, enraged friends.

Angry Birdsthe massively popular, globally beloved video game franchise, has officially joined the Rebel Alliance with a a week-long tournament in support of Course of the Force. The contest will run from July 9th to the 16th and will allow guests to take part in a Facebook-exclusive Angry Birds game, pitting a group of rag-tag rebel birds against the evil forces of the Pigtroopers. The tournament stations will be set up at the race’s “Conivals,” the post-race parties along the route, complete with live entertainment, expo booths, giveaway stations, and more.

“Course of the Force is an awesome way to enjoy friendly competition with fellow Star Wars fans and friends, while doing good in the world through helping grant wishes”, said Philip Hickey, Rovio´s VP of Marketing. “Angry Birds Star Wars will let everybody participate in the event on Facebook through our special tournament. I’m sure the competitors are happy to continue the contest on the screen after a hard day’s run.”

So whether you come by the race’s starting point at Skywalker Ranch or you follow the Star Wars convoy all the way to its final destination in San Diego, make sure to show off your bird-flinging skills and help stop the dark side from stealing even more would-be padawans.

Course of the Force video content will be distributed via and hosted on the Nerdist Channel.


  1. Yeah, and if Star Wars/Angry Birds crossovers is your thing (how did this happen, again?), there will be a Comic-Con exclusive at the Hasbro booth this year of several of the main cast of the original Star Wars redone as Angry Birds toys.