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Course of the ForceCourse of the Force

Course of the Force: Episodes 3 and 4

When last we saw our intrepid heroes, Matt Mira and Moshe Kasher were trying to rally the troops to find the lightsaber and Kyle Kinane was making little progress in The Valley, while Seth Green and Kumail Nanjiani were determined to find out who was more Han-some, and we were still in the dark about who would be evil enough to steal the elegant weapon from a more civilized age. Before the race can even begin, the dark side has reared its ugly, hood-cloaked head.

Luckily, Jedi-In-Training Matt Mira is still on the case, and this time he’s brought along some bounty hunting friends of his: Michael Rooker (The Walking Dead), Danica McKellar (The Wonder Years), CM Punk (WWE Raw) and even Steve Jones from the Sex Pistols! Can this rag-tag group find the missing saber before the race is due to start?

Take a peek at Episode 3 and find out for yourself, young Padawn.

With the Lightsaber stolen from Lucasfilm and time running out, the Nerdist team is desperately scrambling to get it back. In the fourth episode of the Course of the Force series, Corey Vidal is on a mission for Chris Hardwick, but when he meets a group of “at-risk-youth,” Corey learns there’s more to Stormtroopers than he realized. You don’t know what the Imperial Guard is capable of until it’s too late, though, as Jonah Ray has to fight for his honor in the most epic dance battle in galactic history.

Check out Episode 4 for dancing in the stars.

Course of the Force will be run from July 9th to the 16th, finishing up at Comic-Con international in San Diego.  Stay tuned to and the Nerdist Channel for more Course of the Force.

Sign up for Course of the Force, the lightsaber relay from Skywalker Ranch to Comic-Con International in San Diego July 9-16, 2013 benefiting the Make-a-Wish Foundation, by clicking here. Or contribute to Make-A-Wish through our fundraising page. Stay tuned to and the Nerdist Channel for more Course of the Force.


  1. Mark says:

    What’s with all the stealth Galaxy S4 product placement?

  2. Patrick says:

    nice work Jonah!!

  3. Patrick says:

    the cast for ep. 3


    you too Matt 😛