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Course of the ForceCourse of the Force

Course of the Force Episode 6

After getting vital information from Jedi Master Andy Richter, episode 6 sees Chris Hardwick confronting the evil mastermind behind the Course of the Force lightsaber’s disappearance, none other than The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman. He’s still a bit cheesed off about a little incident that happened at last year’s COTF. Can Chris defeat the king of the zombies and ignore the irritating persistence of Freddie Wong? The final battle is now!

Course of the Force is heading down the California coast now through July 16th, ending at Comic-Con international in San Diego. Stay tuned to and the Nerdist Channel for more Course of the Force.

Sign up for Course of the Force, the lightsaber relay from Skywalker Ranch to Comic-Con International in San Diego July 9-16, 2013 benefiting the Make-a-Wish Foundation, by clicking here. Or contribute to Make-A-Wish through our fundraising page.


  1. B. Mah says:

    Cool video. Was that Monica in the video?