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Course of the ForceCourse of the Force

Course of the Force Episode 2: The Wrath of Han

The search for the lightsaber continues, as Kyle Kinane joins the cause in Episode II of the Course of the Force webseries.

CotF Logo 200x200As we saw in Episode I, Matt Mira put the word out to all of Nerdist’s best people. Kinane’s gotten a lead that has led him to a hive of… not so much scum and villainy but karaoke, a hive of karaoke.  It is here Kyle meets a mysterious, ruggedly-handsome stranger that may be able to help him track down the lost relic from a more civilized age. Han Solo? Sort of. Kumail Nanjiani and Seth Green are both ready to become scruffy-looking nerf herders. Can Kyle come to terms with the scoundrels with hearts of gold, or will he lose his new allies to a game of “Who Shot First?” Stay tuned to find out, and read Deadline’s exclusive debut piece by clicking here.

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