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Course of the ForceCourse of the Force

Course of the Force, Ep. 1: Lightsaber’s Lost

Course of the Force 2013 is coming soon, and to get things started, Matt Mira headed up to Industrial Light and Magic to get this year’s saber and to chat with R2-D2. Artoo showed Matt his knowledge of classic movie lines and his Justin Timberlake moves, and then… hey, where’s the lightsaber? Matt’s got three days to find it, energized by more movie lines and Chris Hardwick on the phone and, well, here we go.

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  1. dana says:

    i’m also hoping its mr. jRay… first general zod… now a sith lord… revenge will be his…

  2. JetpackBlues says:

    @Roger Clendening II: SPOILERS! 👿

    But seriously, I don’t care about spoilers. I would laugh if you’re right and it is Jonah.

    Although it looks like it’s a Sith named Darth Nighty. You can see right through that cloak! Hook a brother up with a slip or something….

    But to be a nerd for a second, there was no reason to bust open the Master Replicas case, you can just take the top off. But an empty saber case without broken pieces doesn’t scream STOLEN.

  3. It’s Jonah, isn’t it?