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Course of the Force Day 4 Recap

If you weren’t here at 7:30 pm PT on Tuesday, July 10th, you missed the Course of the Force live stream recapping Day 4 of the lightsaber relay. That is, you missed it when it was live. Here’s a replay (now in two convenient parts). You’ll see Chris, Ashley, Alison, and Alex at Pacific Beach with highlights from this penultimate leg of the course. Almost there! Also, Ralph Cirella.

Oh, and that eBay Course of the Force auction? More stuff! Autographed Mad Men, G4, Breaking Bad, and Team Nerdist bowling shirts! A Kotobukiya Darth Maul Limited Edition cast figure signed by Ray Park! Autographed copies of The Nerdist Way! A Jim Henson Company studio lot tour! A LEGOLAND resort package for 4! Much, much, MUCH more! Go bid now!


  1. James Sebree says:

    Being able to be a part of the Course of the Force as a Star Wars fan, and being able to represent the Mandalorian Mercs 3rd largest Star Wars Costuming group on the 4th and 5th days of this event has been a great honor! I am looking forward to participating and volunteering for next years event. Awesome time!!!

  2. Brandon says:

    Dear, Chris Hardwick

    Thank you for defending Star Trek, live long and prosper, unlike the other guy, which shall do neither.