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Cosplay Friday #75

Cosplay Friday #75

You don’t have to be at Comic-Con to see awesome costumes. In fact, viewing a gallery of cosplay from the safety of your home is much less stressful. No need to worry about the convention crowds, the interesting smells, or getting poked in the face by giant wings (it happens every year). You’re probably sitting at your desk or on your couch and can click through the cosplay images at your leisure – not like being at Comic-Con where you have to snap a picture fast to avoid being trampled.

Our Cosplay Friday round-up this week includes some gorgeous examples from Vocaloid, Borderlands 2, Marvel Comics, and more.

Koi Nami

Koi Nami (League of Legends) | Source:

I’d like to borrow that Calne Ca outfit for a day and creep everyone out.