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Cosplay Friday #70

Cosplay Friday #70

It’s official. Tomorrow is the first day of summer. The change of seasons can serve as an extra push to take stock, make changes, and try something different – like starting on a new cosplay project before San Diego Comic-Con. You’ve got about five weeks to whip a costume into shape, and by most cosplayers’ standards, that’s an eternity.

So, get to sketching and making supply lists. Look over our Friday round-up of imaginative cosplay to get inspired. You’ll find dragons, fairies, gargoyles, and more.

Ghost Bride Morgana

Morgana (League of Legends) | Source:

Head to the comments and tell me about your cosplay projects.


  1. Won my first cosplay competition a couple weeks ago (Doctor Who themed) at PHX Comicon and now working on Steampunk Death and Delirium for myself and my twin sister for our next con.

  2. David Share says:

    Purple Joffrey and Dark Helmet