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Cosplay Friday #54

Cosplay Friday #54


It may be getting cold outside, but it’s heating up on the interwebs with another week of cosplay awesomeness. Fear not, I’ve done the hard work for you; I’ve tirelessly scoured the net for the best, boldest and most bizarre cosplay offerings of the last 7 days in a column lovingly titled Cosplay Friday.

It’s getting hot in here; so put on somebody else’s clothes. (It is getting so hot…)

808b9dd2472d794309c708866bb08eee-d6wy0ioI don’t know what Dawn of the Ages 2 is, but I promise you I will now find out.

elizabeth__quiet__by_ver1sa-d6xc0xlElizabeth answers the nay-sayers of BioShock: Infinite‘s ending.

sleeping_on_patrol_by_solograyson-d6wuidoSomething MESSED UP is about to happen to Robin. (Thanks, Teen Titans)

durarara___izaya_orihara_danger__by_geshapetrovich-d6x62ssReally cool Durarara!! cosplay (also… Durarara!! is THE BEST).

walking_in_wonderland_by_elle_cosplay-d6wrpceThat time Alice wandered into a Phish festival.

behind_the_camera__classic_portrait_by_tanyacroft-d6x6lyz“Hi, I’m going to shoot you now!”. Lara Croft is such a charmer.

going_to_need_a_lot_of_rum_after_this_by_spwinkles-d6xei0eCosplayer or just current day Johnny Depp; you decide.

pokemon__aim_for_the_jugular_by_strawberry__skitty-d6wzwh3Oh, THIS is why a live-action Pokemon movie has never happened. (I love this cosplay.)

mikasa_by_millenia666-d6x6hp8(Self) Obligatory Attack on Titan cosplay of the week.

it___kanu_unchou_02_by_itasil-d6wz93xI’m as impressed with this cosplayer’s high-kick as I am with her ability to find such a cool looking shooting location.

Dig my choices? Got a cool cosplay you want to show off with the world?Kindly leave a comment, email me , check out my YouTube channel, or hit me up on the Twitter machine.


  1. Xeroz says:

    I’m down with the Pokemon live-action only if Lindsey Stirling is Misty.
    Reference link here,