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Cosplay Friday #52

Cosplay Friday #52


With less than a week to go until Thanksgiving, I know there’s only one question on all of your collective minds: what to wear? You want to impress your friends/family with your awesome fashion sense, right? Want to be the fashion-plate at your holiday dinner? Fear not, my friends; as I’ve scoured the internets for the weeks best, brightest and most bizarre cosplays in a feature lovingly titled Cosplay Friday.

‘Cause the turkey isn’t the only one who should look good.

popstar_ahri_by_ekiholic-d6ucbrzI don’t know, pretty cat-lady; You SAY you love me… (popstar Ahri cosplay)

odango_by_rei_doll-d6uhtkiPrincess Serenity is both shocked and embarrassed that the world is now aware of her vicious addiction to cookies. #Strength.

catwoman1_by_mariedoll-d6uc3akBecause the world really does need as much awesome CatWoman cosplay as it can get.

go_back_to_wonderland_by_rei_doll-d6upy7u“There’s no way they’ll recognize me now,” thought Alice. Hey, it worked for Donna from That 70’s Show.

dc__patrol_watch_by_mangosirene-d6uzr1sBeware, evil-doers! It’s Bat-girl and Robin-girl and other Robin-I-don’t-know!

doctor_who__would_you_like_a_jelly_baby__by_mangosirene-d6ur3epWHY AM I NOT I BEST FRIENDS WITH ALL THESE GALS?!?! (awesome female Doctor cosplays)

finn_who___full_view__by_xhee_heex-d6uw5hz“It’s Adventure Time, c’mon kill your friends…” (Scary Finn)

apple_or_candy_by_helen_stifler-d6uc0waIt’s Adventure Time again, but this one is marginally less scary.

black_cat_ii_by_vera_chimera-d6uht0fJewelry theft is tiring, you guys. It’s almost as bad as soccer. (Thanks, Black Cat!)

snk_5_by_franwing-d6ui6wzObligatory Attack On Titan cosplay of the week.

Dig my choices? Got a cool cosplay you want to show off with the world?Kindly leave a comment, email me , check out my YouTube channel, or hit me up on the Twitter machine.


  1. Edward Gundrum says:

    Total agree with the statement of the 11 doctors. That is one cool idea.