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Cosplay Friday #49: Halloween Edition

Cosplay Friday #49: Halloween Edition

It’s hard to believe it’s almost been a full year since Cosplay Friday made its triumphant debut on, but here we are, and it’s just in time (okay, the next day, but close enough) for the spookiest holiday of the year – no, not Arbor Day – Halloween!


Reddit’s ElderCunningham’s eleven year-old wants you to know that if you’re giving out pretzels, this aggression will not stand, man.


Have a religious obligation to keep your head covered and need a Halloween costume? Look no further than this, then, courtesy of Reddit’s rufusjonz.


The word of the day is “ADORABLE”, which is precisely what this Pee-Wee Herman costume is.


This guy might just win the award for deepest cut Halloween costume: the end title card from Cheers.


Our pal at Machinima ETC, Khail Anonymous, scared the living daylights out of trick or treaters as Grand Theft Auto V‘s Trevor.


Hail to the queen, baby. Riometer nails the Army of Darkness look.


It’s kind of hard to compete with Sir Patrick Stewart as a lobster in a bathtub. I mean, come on.


Although this pug dressed as Cookie Monster comes awfully close.


But, let’s be real: few things will top this 50 Centaur.


And to supply your nightmare fuel, take a look at his downstairs mixup. It’s Old Gregg!

Which is your favorite? What was your Halloween costume? Let us know and share it in the comments below or tell me on Twitter!

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