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Cosplay Friday #33

Cosplay Friday #33

cosplay-friday-featured I like to consider myself a man of reasonably good taste. I pride myself on a unique style all my own. They say the clothes make the man (or woman, or dog, usually much to their dismay) and for the most part, they’re right; aren’t they always though? All that being said, even I can admit my fashion betters, and there’s a whole universe of them out there. A universe around which I have made a quick lap to compile the weirdest, wildest and most wonderful cosplays of the week!

Here comes another brand spankin’ new edition of Cosplay Friday, because we all wish we could dress like this every day.

as_you_command__shepard_by_lirlys-d69ujrl These Mass Effect cosplayers both look great, but is now really an appropriate time to be trying out Google Glass?

caress_by_wings_chan-d69vhfd Wings-chan proves the age old adage, “An orange giant wolf/jackal thing is man’s best friend.”

psycho_pass___those_capable_by_vaxzone-d69v1pl Psycho Pass cosplay or promo for Law and Order: Comiccon? You decide.

greed_for_the_millemium_ring_by_pineapple_prince-d69u0f0 What’s most impressive about this Yu-Gi-Oh! cosplay is how long it took to make those hand masks.

far_to_the_east_by_k4nspachi-d69u4ml “I told you guys this wasn’t the way to artist’s alley!” Dwarves FTW.

kuroko_no_basuke__gom_by_stary_dragonlover-d69v4uh This Kuroko no Basuke cosplay group came to play ball. White men and women with colorful wigs CAN jump.

because_i_love_her__by_xhee_heex-d696879   This Ice King knows that if his job ever freezes up, at least he can go on the road with the Allman Brothers Band.

hermoine_granger_by_avengers63-d6957thHermoine dares you to say Mud-Blood one more time.

sailor_moon__hugs_by_lucien_fleurier-d69ehssIn which lucien-fleurier discovers she’s better at cosplay than her cat.

link_at_mizucon_2013_by_saya_loura-d69g18jTalk about a longsword! Thanks for the easy setup, SAYA-LOURA, your check is in the mail.

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  1. the lady with the “orange wolf jackal thing” is I believe “Hinata” & the “Nine Tails Fox” from “NARUTO”