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Cool LEGO Ideas Set Features a Female Research Scientist Performing Planetary Exploration

Cool LEGO Ideas Set Features a Female Research Scientist Performing Planetary Exploration

LEGO recently took a step forward towards gender equality in their products by approving the Research Institute set. The project originated on LEGO Ideas and racked up the necessary 10,000 votes to get attention from the LEGO Review Board. Designed by Alatariel, the set features three female scientists working in their labs. It was released earlier this month and sold out on the LEGO website in no time.

Now there’s a new project on LEGO ideas in the same vein. Builder playslashwrite developed a Planetary Exploration set that features a lab, aliens, and a female research scientist/explorer/astronaut. I already want to be like her.

lego set 1

Playslashwrite explains the set has a couple of purposes. First of all, it steps away from the idea that evil aliens that must be killed. Instead, it portrays the alien interaction from a place of study and reaching out to other lifeforms. Much better than shooting first and asking questions later. Secondly, he wanted to put a female into an awesome role: “I wanted to emphasize the need for more diversity in female roles by placing a no-nonsense female scientist in the lead and give girls who dream about exploring outer space someone to look up to.”

Amen to that.

The creative set is packed with neat features including a hover-lab, a trading outpost, and a rock formation. The parts come together to present an alien world ripe for exploration and discovery. Look at all the details on display in the below gallery:

Since it is a LEGO Ideas project, it needs support to the tune of 10,000 votes in order to possibly become an official LEGO product. See more photos and add your vote for the Planetary Exploration set at LEGO Ideas.


  1. Lego blocks are for little kids.

  2. alpha says:

    cool idea! Perhaps it will become an official set.

    i would buy it