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Thrilling Adventure HourThrilling Adventure Hour

Continue Exploring Behind the Scenes of THE THRILLING ADVENTURE HOUR

It’s time for another look behind the curtains of The Thrilling Adventure Hour. In this week’s episode, fans of the show will have some of their most burning questions answered: How fast are segments written? How much time does the cast have to rehearse? Where do they rehearse? How do they know where to stand? And finally, the most important one of them all: What exactly does Paul F. Tompkin’s hair feel like?

The answers are entertaining and worthy of a catchy theme song. Besides getting into the nuts and bolts of how the show comes together, the actors discuss how things can go off the rails. Even though everyone has a script in his or her hands, it’s still possible to trip up or miss your cue. It happens.

If you aren’t already wearing them, don your robot fists, sit on the edge of your seat (it’s more fun that way), and watch the latest episode of The Thrilling Adventure Hour Behind the Scenes web series.


  1. Shinokata says:

    I spy with my two eyes @PagetPaget and this all makes me miss doing Theatre Tech.

  2. Wow, a theater community where they don’t waste time jockeying for fame and backstabbing each other… it’s almost as if sh*t like that was empty and pointless.

    Where were these wonderful people when I was in school? I would love another 80 minutes of this!

  3. Mooby says: