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Conan O’Brien Returns To E3 and Is Still Figuring Out What’s Happening

Conan O’Brien Returns To E3 and Is Still Figuring Out What’s Happening

Since Conan O’Brien has moved to Los Angeles to do Conan on TBS, he’s definitely been settling into a great LA routine. One of the items in that routine seems to making an annual stop at the E3 Convention. Conan’s remote segments are some of the biggest highlights of his show and when combined with his role as the Clueless Gamer, it’s always a damn good time. Last year, Conan trying to decide whether to take the side of the Playstation 4 and Xbox One, despite not judging them on any sort of objective merit, was pretty swell. Perhaps, one day, we, here at Nerdist, will run into Conan during our coverage of E3 given that we’re both there every year thus far.

On this go around, O’Brien stalked around the E3 floor, seemingly as the only person in a badass leather jacket, and checked out some of this year’s most anticipated games. He learned that LARPing is a thing as well. The designers behind Sunset Overdrive, Project Morpheus, and Hyrule Warriors also invited O’Brien for an exclusive test run of the games in addition to cracking plenty of great sexual innuendos jokes wherever he can.

For how much Conan is around video games, having to preview, play, and review them, one might think he would have gotten the hang of being a decent gamer.  Yet, the best thing he could do playing Forza had to do more with Conan’s ad-libbed German anthem than his virtual racing skills. Still, these yearly visits to E3 are a great preview of what Conan taping an entire week of shows at Comic-Con next year will be like.

What other conventions should Conan visit? Maybe The Gathering of the Juggalos? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. Gimpy says:

    Dragon’Con in Atl.