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Conan O’Brien and Dave Franco Join Tinder, Hilarity Ensues

Conan O’Brien and Dave Franco Join Tinder, Hilarity Ensues

With so much drama in the LBC (or just so much news happening in the world of entertainment), it’s easy to forget to have fun. It’s the weekend after all! Shouldn’t things be on the humorous side? And the funny is exactly what Conan O’Brien has delivered in the form of a new viral video where he and Dave Franco join Tinder and… well, you should probably just watch the rest:

Tinder’s a weird thing many of us still don’t really understand, but it’s funny how perfect that app is from a comedy perspective. Everything about it screams “don’t use this,” yet we continue to swipe right or left in hopes of making a new connection. Now, because she swiped right one night, Courtney now has a story she can share forever where Conan O’Brien and Dave Franco pulled up to her brother’s house in a really creepy van and proceeded to film a comedy bit for the remainder of the night.

Now, we’re not saying that every Tinder match will lead to Conan hilarity, but this video is a great telling of how, sometimes, if you just let life play out as it will, crazy things can happen.

We also have to say, Conan’s completely full blown awareness of Grindr is both hilarious and just a little concerning to us. But hey, it’s Conan, we’re sure he has a completely legitimate reason for prowling Grindr in his off hours.

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