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Conan Goes to E3: Console Wars 2013

Conan O’Brien and video games go together like… um… well… it’s always funny, anyway. So Clueless Gamer Conan headed down to E3 and got a chance to wander the floor enjoying the booth babes (including the “Sarah Palin of the future”) and to check out the two big new console combatants, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. He asks the hard questions (hard in the sense that they make no sense) and gets the hard answers (which make no sense to him, either). He’s easily swayed, for the right price, at least. If, that is, he can concentrate on the matter at hand.

Apropos of nothing, Conan also did another edition of “Alex Trebek Has Gone Insane,” and we can always use more laughs. The inflection on “Hitler” is worth sticking around for.

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