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COMMUNITY’s Ken Jeong Heads to MTV for New Comedy Pilot

COMMUNITY’s Ken Jeong Heads to MTV for New Comedy Pilot

Now that Community is confirmed to be returning for the sixth season of its #SixSeasonsAndAMovie campaign thanks to Yahoo!, we have to wonder what the cast is going to be up to while they wait to begin production on the new season. Well, we now know what’s happening with at least one of them, as The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that fan favorite Ken Jeong is heading to MTV for an all new comedy pilot titled Ken Jeong Made Me Do It.

From writers Andy St. Clair and Paul O’Toole, the new coming-of-age comedy will follow “22-year-old Andy, who, after catching his girlfriend cheating, accidentally rear-ends Jeong’s fancy car. Taking pity on Andy, Jeong takes it upon himself to teach him how to man up.” As the title and description would have you believe, Jeong will be playing a fictional version of himself, though the extent to which his fictionalized self will mimic the wacky roles the actor’s known for remains a mystery.

Before you get too worried, the outlet was quick to state that MTV is working with Jeong’s busy schedule to make sure the shooting of the pilot does not interfere in any way with the shooting of Community’s next season. This will be the only comedy pilot MTV has in the running this season while it begins prepping for the Wes Craven-directed pilot of Scream and launching new dramas Finding Carter and Eye Candy (in addition to bringing the remainder of Teen Wolf’s current season to a close).

Are you looking forward to a new series starring Señor Chang himself? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. GuanoLad says:

    Isn’t Gillian Jacobs already signed up for something else too?