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Community “Dork Fork”

Sure, you’ll be watching the return of Community tonight on NBC (or City TV), but what will you eat while you watch? The Nerdist Channel’s Dork Fork is back with some ideas, and Community‘s own Shirley, Yvette Nicole Brown, stops by to help out and be her customary wonderful self. It’s like being in Greendale’s cafeteria, only without food fights, production numbers, and trashed Subway franchises.

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  1. Roy C says:

    Im glad its back! Hey what happend to Harrison? Andie lookin’ good with short hair! ?=^]& I miss the long hair though..

  2. Vincent S says:

    I seriously thought this show was dead. It is cool that it is not.

    Just a question, how is Andie’s mom doing with the cancer? Are there still plans for Blizzcon next year? Hope she’s fine :).