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Comics Preview: 100th Anniversary Special — The Amazing Spider-Man #1

Comics Preview: 100th Anniversary Special — The Amazing Spider-Man #1

Although Marvel is celebrating their 75th Anniversary this year, the Marvel universe as we know it today really began in 1961 with the publication of Fantastic Four #1. This year, Marvel is making a time jump to “Year 100” as we see the lives of Marvel characters, flash forwarded to  2061. Each week in July sees a new 100th Anniversary Special featuring well-established creators, as well as newer names in the industry, as they envision the Marvel Universe of the future. In Spider-Man’s future (or, Marvel would probably point out, one of many possible futures) the Kingpin has taken control of his ultra-powerful techno-symbiote suit. Spidey finds one of his most powerful weapons in the hands of one of his most ruthless enemies all in the 100th Anniversary Special-Spider-Man #1, from creators Sean Ryan and In-Hyuk Lee.

Writer Sean Ryan, in an interview with, said the story would be the culmination of a long running storyline — it just so happens to be a storyline that we’ve never read. “We’re treating this issue as if it was the last issue in a long arc that has been running in the Spider-Man books for a while. This issue sees the story coming to an end. The idea of the story being that the symbiote is back, but it’s been infused with technology that gives its host the power to plug in to the grid and control anything connected to it. And this being the future, that’s just about everything.”

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100th Anniversary Special-Amazing Spider-Man #1, written by Sean Ryan and with art and cover by In-Hyul Lee (as well as an interlocking cover by Alexander Lozano arrives on July 9th.