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Comic Preview: Marvel’s STORM #1

Comic Preview: Marvel’s STORM #1

She’s been a thief in the streets of Cairo, worshiped as a goddess on the plains of Kenya, been a queen of her own country, and field leader of the X-Men. Not to mention, she’s rocked the fiercest mohawk of anyone since Mr. T and survived being played by Halle Berry. And it might have taken several decades, but it appears that Marvel is finally giving their most famous female super hero* her own ongoing series at last. This July, Storm #1 hits comic shops and digital devices, written by Greg Pak (Batman/Superman, World War Hulk), and with interior and cover art by Victor Ibanez (Captain Midnight, Adventures of Superman.)

Ever since the character’s introduction in Giant Size X-Men #1 nearly forty years ago, Ororo Munroe has been the heart of the X-Men, embodying Charles Xavier’s dream perhaps more than any other member of the team, and even won the right to lead over Cyclops in battle once. Marvel has provided us with the first three pages of Storm #1, along with all three covers for the first issue, including the variant covers from artists Simone Bianchi and Skottie Young.

Storm #1 goes on sale July 23rd.

Storm_1_Bianchi_Variant Storm_1_Cover Storm_1_Preview_1 Storm_1_Preview_2 Storm_1_Preview_3 Storm_1_Young_Variant

*Invisible Woman, Scarlet Witch and Jean Grey could give Storm a run for her money as Marvel’s #1 female character, but I think Storm has the edge for being super powerful and never having had an “I’m going crazy and turning evil” phase.


  1. moonwolf789 says:

    Is the comic available in digital format?

  2. Ian says:

    Storm’s always been my favorite, but that mohawk isn’t feminine or at all attractive.Would Logan and Scott have been chasing Jean around like she has the best snatch in the world if she’d had part of her head shaved? I thinks not.

    • Adam Toole says:

      Where I can agree that the first image of storm makes her look like she is rocking a combover, I find the rest of your comment to be disrespectful of women and lacking taste. 

    • Bella says:

      Women – even fictional women – do not exist just to appeal to men! Women do not have to do shite to appeal to men! Women do not have to fit in a specific “feminine” box to be worthy of respect, and should not derive validation based upon the standards of men despite your insistence! Not everything is about men and about what men deem as sexually attractive! Storm can wear whatever the hell she wants to wear and style her hair however she wants and still be a strong, valuable character that is not defined by how sought-after or physically attractive she is to male characters! Neato!