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Comic-Con Postmortem: Dos and Dont’s From a First Timer

Comic-Con Postmortem: Dos and Dont’s From a First Timer

I didn’t know what to expect from my first year at Comic-Con. On one hand I got a case of the infamous “Con Crud,” which made me sound like a cross between MoviePhone and Batman. On the other hand I got to gush at George R.R. Martin while he ate a corndog. So, it was a mixed bag of overwhelming, fun, stressful, exciting, and geeky. Here’s what I learned:

DO: Find a cosplayer who takes cosplay seriously.

MegaMan GIF

DON’T: Take the signs around the convention center warning all about Hell too seriously.


DO: Enjoy the booths that go all-out.

Walking Dead GIF

Smaug GIF

DO: See movie history.


DO: Take a look at where it all began.

Comics table

DON’T: Assume that all the incredible toys are affordable.

Sentinel toy

DO: Appreciate craftsmanship.

LEGO Shredder

DON’T: Get lost in the merch.

Tshirt Tower

DO: See a panel of your heroes.


DO: Bring hand sanitizer.

TOP IMAGE: San Diego Comic-Con International 2012 by Kevin Dooley


  1. Adam says:

    Don’t think that being a troll on the interwebs doesn’t make you kind of a d!ck in the real world as well.

  2. @T_Magus666 says:

    So in a word, do most everything at Comic Con (including hand sanitizer) and don’t believe what you read on signs, expect to NOT spend a ton of $$$ and then don’t spend too much time looking at merchandise….OMFG! Idiotic.

  3. Ted says:

    Don’t: Drive through a crowd or provoke a driver.

  4. Did Jessica Chobot’s son do this article? I mean if a one year old did it, kudos. But if someone over the age of four submitted this, they obviously realized their assignment was due and did it in the last 30 minutes.

  5. BetaCrumb says:

    Wow. I’ve never been to CC, but I could’ve made a better list than this.

  6. OneCrab says:

    Hand sanitizer?  DO NOT drive evolution! 

  7. MeMcgee says:

    Do: put a little more work into your content guys….