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Comic-Con Postmortem: Dos and Dont’s From a First Timer

Comic-Con Postmortem: Dos and Dont’s From a First Timer

I didn’t know what to expect from my first year at Comic-Con. On one hand I got a case of the infamous “Con Crud,” which made me sound like a cross between MoviePhone and Batman. On the other hand I got to gush at George R.R. Martin while he ate a corndog. So, it was a mixed bag of overwhelming, fun, stressful, exciting, and geeky. Here’s what I learned:

DO: Find a cosplayer who takes cosplay seriously.

MegaMan GIF

DON’T: Take the signs around the convention center warning all about Hell too seriously.


DO: Enjoy the booths that go all-out.

Walking Dead GIF

Smaug GIF

DO: See movie history.


DO: Take a look at where it all began.

Comics table

DON’T: Assume that all the incredible toys are affordable.

Sentinel toy

DO: Appreciate craftsmanship.

LEGO Shredder

DON’T: Get lost in the merch.

Tshirt Tower

DO: See a panel of your heroes.


DO: Bring hand sanitizer.

TOP IMAGE: San Diego Comic-Con International 2012 by Kevin Dooley