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Comic-Con: Meet “The Awesomes”

Hulu previewed the new animated series The Awesomes in a presentation at Comic-Con moderated by Nerdist’s Chris Hardwick Saturday afternoon, screening the opening episode before co-creators and Saturday Night Live stalwarts Seth Myers (ticketed, of course, to take Jimmy Fallon’s Late Night slot when Fallon moves to The Tonight Show and Mike Shoemaker, writer/producer Judd Winick, and cast members Kenan Thompson, Taran Killam, Josh Meyers, Ike Barinholtz, and Bobby Moynihan. The series chronicles a team of superheroes depleted by retirements and left in the control of the son of the group’s founder, who must reassemble the team from a motley collection of spare parts.

Seth Myers said that traditional television would have committed “manslaughter” on the show before it would have aired but that Hulu has been an “ideal partner.” Barinholtz joked that he took anabolic steroids to play Muscleman, Killam said working on the show (he plays Frantic, the “bat-sh-t crazy” speedster) has been “a blast,” Josh Myers’ upswept blond hair – the model for his character Perfect Man’s design – took a ribbing from the rest of the panel, and Moynihan, dodging calls of “Drunk Uncle!” from the crowd, called working on Saturday Night Live a childhood dream come true and like joining a fraternity of past and present cast members, recounting how he encountered Chris Rock and was treated like a member of the family by the comic and SNL alumnus.


After a brief discussion of Winick’s experience as a Season 3 cast member of The Real World and a viewing of a teaser for upcoming episodes, the panel bantered with audience members like “Black Spider-Man” and fielded questions about Killam and Thompson’s experience working on Nickelodeon comedies and the absence of women from the panel: Seth Myers joked that the female cast members (Rashida Jones (a newbie superhero and central character Prock’s love interest), Paula Pell (Gadget Gal, an elderly retired superhero zapped into a youthful body), and Emily Spivey (the team’s sardonic assistant)) were not on hand because “they did not share our enthusiasm for Comic-Con.”

The series, co-produced by Broadway Video and Bento Box Entertainment, debuts with a special exclusive preview on Xbox Live July 25-31 and on August 1st on Hulu and Hulu Plus.