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Comic-Con Cosplay Round-Up

Comic-Con Cosplay Round-Up

A high percentage of the masses at Comic-Con this year were in costumes, and I’m always impressed by the brave souls who decide to step out in full gear at conventions as crowded and hot as this one. The humidity was unforgiving. I spotted characters from comics and film and saw everything from elaborate ensembles to more simple styles that made navigation easier. Crowds of people surrounded cosplayers and treated them like the rock stars they are. Here are some of the coolest costumes we spotted:

MegaMan GIF

Tell us about the coolest costumes you spotted at the convention!

Photos by Amy Ratcliffe and Kyle Hill.


  1. Peter Pan with Hook! 

  2. Lloydo says:

    That apocalypse was the best.

  3. Nice round-up. That Bane was pretty legit….

  4. Josh says:

    And YES! PLEASE!! Organize these into a slideshow and save us this awful user experience! Also thanks for the free stuff…

  5. Josh says:

    Where’s OLD GREGG???

  6. Rhys says:


  7. badUX says:

    Can we please get a slideshow of the pictures PLEASE! clicking and going back to see the next pic is just too much! Not a good user experience!