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Comic Book Day: Read 8 Pages of Mark Waid and Max Brooks’ SHADOW WALK

Comic Book Day: Read 8 Pages of Mark Waid and Max Brooks’ SHADOW WALK

Legendary Comics is distributing this special preview to those lucky so-and-sos who make their way to New York Comic Con, but because we love you and not all of us can make it to New York, we’re giving you an advance sneak peek at the harrowing first pages of Mark Waid and Max Brooks’ Shadow Walk.

Featuring visceral, action-packed artwork from Shane Davis, this exclusive preview takes us into the heart of the Valley of the Shadow of Death, a horrifying wasteland near modern day Iraq populated by eldritch beasts and stygian creatures hellbent on devouring all who dare wander into its confines, which includes our elite special ops unit lead by the one-time soldier-turned-Guantanamo detainee John Raines. All in all, it’s going to be one hell of a trip, and you get to see if before anyone else.


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Here’s the official description:

“I Walk Through The Valley Of The Shadow of Death…”

Is the Valley of the Shadow of Death a metaphor or could it actually be a real place? Three separate paranormal incidents over the last century, in a valley near modern day Iraq, seem to give credence to these claims. When satellite photos taken over the area hint at a dangerous new energy source, the U.S. decides to send in a Spec-Ops team to locate and extract it before it can fall into enemy hands.

Led by John Raines, a deadly soldier who has been left to rot in Guantanamo, accused of allegedly killing his entire platoon after entering the very same valley years prior, the team heads into dangerous territory to battle demonic creatures with little chance of survival. Armed with two arcane artifacts as their guide and protector, they will find out if the road to Hell just opened up on Earth.

Sounds like the lighthearted romp you’d been waiting for, huh? Legendary Comics’ Shadow Walk hits stores on November 27th. What do you think of the story so far? Let us know in the comments below or hit me up directly on Twitter.