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Comic Book Day Exclusive: DC’s Talon #7 Preview


Creating a villain worthy of going toe to toe with Gotham’s caped crusader is one thing, but creating a villainous cabal so awesome that they warrant their own spinoff book? Well, that’s damn near impossible. Fortunately, Scott Snyder’s Court of the Owls was just that compelling. Enter the world of Talon, which follows the adventures of ex-Court assassin Calvin Rose and the bevy of bird-masked baddies that want nothing more than his head on a spike, which is fast becoming one of our favorite new properties in DC’s New 52.

Written by Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV and brought to brutal life by Guillem March’s grisly illustrations, Talon #7 looks like a real grinder. Hell, based on the cover art alone, it would seem that our hero has fallen into the cruel clutches of his pursuers. Indeed, shit is hitting the proverbial fan this issue, as none other than Bane joins forces with the Court in order to bring our hapless hero to his knees. And even though the tension meter is pushing eleven, this is still a great jumping on point for new readers, so kick back, relax and take a peek at what’s coming your way on Wednesday, April 24th.


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Have you been reading Talon? Looking forward to seeing Calvin go toe-to-toe with Gotham’s most famous anabolic assassin? Let us know in the comments below.


  1. TheDVDGrouch says:

    Really been Loving all the great stuff that has gone into making Talon one of the most interesting things to come out of the New 52. Cant wait to see Calvin take on Bane.