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Comic Book Club: Jim Zub

Jim Zub (Skullkickers) breaks out the scoop for this episode, revealing the winner of his Tavern Tales Talent Search contest, and the creative process behind his ridiculous(ly awesome) sound effects.

This Week’s Stack: Before Watchmen #1, Batman Annual #1, The Walking Dead #98, Grim Leaper #1

Week in Geek:

– Is Marvel making a Black Panther movie? And if so, will they answer Justin’s challenge to name even a single Black Panther storyline without checking the Internet?

– …And is the next X-Men: First Class movie based on Days of Future Past?

Check out our website at to find out how to watch the show live! And follow us on Twitter: @comicbooklive@azalben, and @jtsizzle.

Enter THE ADVENTURE ZONE with a New Graphic Novel Series (Exclusive)

Enter THE ADVENTURE ZONE with a New Graphic Novel Series (Exclusive)

Did Daisy Ridley Just Confirm [SPOILER] is Rey's Parent?

Did Daisy Ridley Just Confirm [SPOILER] is Rey's Parent?

Watch Jennifer Aniston Confront

Watch Jennifer Aniston Confront "Rachel from FRIENDS" on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE



  1. Jon says:

    @Alex: It’s kind of funny, as the first time I heard the show I thought “I wish that damn heckler would shut the hell up”. Now I realise the show wouldn’t be the same without him!

    It does seem like you guys are getting more drunk every episode as well which always makes for good times!

    • Alex says:

      I can neither confirm or deny that, just remember to drink responsibly, kids! Unless you’re talking about comics.

  2. Jon says:

    I think I’m going to have to stop listening to this show – every episode my pull list gets bigger!

    Seriously though, great show. Thanks for free comic based content that’s accessible to everyone and always entertaining.

    P.S. Fix Booth Man’s mic!

    • Alex says:

      @Jon: I’m so glad you like it! And BoothMan’s mic went all wonky before the show… Hopefully we should have it working next week. You guys probably wouldn’t have enjoyed an hour of constant feedback, would you?

  3. Alex says:

    Thanks @amysrevenge!

  4. amysrevenge says:

    Nice. Love the quiz section.